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Friday, September 24, 2010

A lot of Tuber's make their own vids for songs

I'm not really interested sometimes, usually it's rare if I pick a Tuber's, although some are amazingly talented. This one is quite boring. It's the SONG that needs the attention. Are there any female singer's out there that Thom Yorke couldn't harmonize with and make magic? I would love to hear Thom with Chrissy Hynde (sp) of The Pretenders. Unbelievable that I don't remember how to spell her name. I'm old:(
However, it allows me to look back and wonder what Patty Smith(sp) or Marianne Faithful would've sounded like w/ Thom? Also P.J. Harvey has an amazing ability to duet w/ practically anyone!! There has to be a duet out there with her and Tom Waits.
This is terribly addictive. One duet I would hate to see any of the afore mentioned talents do with is Bono. That just wouldn't work. No offense to Bono.
Peter Gabriel..(wow I'm really dating myself), David Bowie..they're talented voices I would love to hear together in a  P.J. Harvey Duet or even Bjork.
Gabriel was insanely great with Kate Bush! Out of time today..tonight I'll probably be pushing more music down my throat that tastes better than strawberries and champagne!

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