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blonde, blue eyed, do you want my likes and dislikes? Just Kidding. I'll fill this out at some time when I know exactly how to describe myself..which might be by someone else, post-mortum, only because I don't think I could sum myself up entirely, because people in general change everyday and can never make up their minds and if they are adamant about something? Well then they're not open to new ideas, research,and realizations. Everyday something happens that makes us different the next day than what we were the day before. That's life.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Love You. I have always loved you Mom.

Yesterday my mother said something to me. She said it in anger at the system and the war we are in against the father of my children and his father, along with the court system etc.. She said "The only person those children should be with and belong with are you!". Linked infinitely, she is a mother linked to me. Only a mother can know the real bond, can feel the real bond children have with them and no one else. They grew inside of me. My body sacrificed its' own needs for them. Nourishing them, as I will and have continued to sacrifice my body's needs for the children I brought into this world and my promise is to keep them safe. Keep them strong and loved. Their needs first. For me and for many mother's, this is natural. It is an unsaid, unwritten promise a mother makes to herself and to her child, usually even before the child is born. To take a child from a mother is like ripping a flower from it's root. The root withers, shrivels, and dies. The flower, once shining in the sun, loses petal by petal, hangs it's head down, withers...dies. What makes or can keep the root of the flower stronger, unbreakable? How can we be untouchable? How can I keep my flower's? How can I be an unkillable flowering mother? How can I be Ivy, there are no flowers on Ivy. That is the path of anger. So, I will be Morning Glory. Cut me again and again, I may die off in one place, but I will rise in another. My flower's will keep blooming, maybe where you cannot see. May be in shade. May be in sun. White, wholesome, pure, they will someday grow as strong, if not stronger, as I will continue to strive to be for them. Someday they will create flower's of their own through the ever entwining roots of another Morning Glory. She will bloom for them, and continue even in the shade.
We have court again today. The phone has already rang. She is on her way. I love you, mom, my Morning Glory.