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blonde, blue eyed, do you want my likes and dislikes? Just Kidding. I'll fill this out at some time when I know exactly how to describe myself..which might be by someone else, post-mortum, only because I don't think I could sum myself up entirely, because people in general change everyday and can never make up their minds and if they are adamant about something? Well then they're not open to new ideas, research,and realizations. Everyday something happens that makes us different the next day than what we were the day before. That's life.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Lack of Memory or Major Fuck Up With Blogger??

I'm finding dupes, but it's hard because my whole obsession is finding different versions of songs and vids. So either I have amnesia and don't remember posting and reposting, or this is a Blogger thing. Blogger has been acting rather weird and unacceptable lately!

Maybe on the 8th, I'll be turning 93 instead of 39??

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