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Friday, September 24, 2010

Dear Money Grubbing Asshole Capitalist Record Production Company Mutherfucker's

It has happened as stated in a recent post and on MSN.com, that YouTube has removed embedded videos from our Blogs. However, if you simply click the GREEN TITLE above your hopeful visual and musical experience that was let down, you will be redirected to YouTube to the video. Note: I don't know for sure that YouTube is getting something out of this as it is happening from other sites as well. Record Production (PIGS) are the original culprits behind this. Remember NAPSTER? NEVER BLAME RADIOHEAD, recall "In Rainbows" available for free on their main site weeks before the album release date in stores. The album sold better than most albums on their release dates in history (which I like to refer to as "HISTORTY" due to well it's obvious we never know what really happened, do we?). AHEM, Metallica, I used to love them, until LARS vs THOM regarding the attack upon Napster. Well they chimed in again when Radiohead did pre-release for free their album. So, SOME MUSICIANS, and I STRESS, SOME MUSICIAN'S ARE TOTALLY AGAINST AS THEY HAVE BEEN FROM THE GET GO OF THE WAR ON FREE DOWNLOADS TO THE PUBLIC OF THEIR TALENTS. They're artists, they want their art to be heard, seen, out there. Why make art, if no one will ever experience it. IT DOES NOT INTERFERE IN THE ARTISTS ABILITY TO GAIN NOTORIETY AND SALES. IT IS ART. There is more to a video than simply the music alone. Filmmaking is HARD. The Industry is HARD to work in and I give great credit to the writer's, designer's, the imagination/concept, the cinematographer's, the producer's, the director's, and all the hundred's of other's that many people don't even consider or maybe think of when watching the beauty or amazing work that was put into a musical video. Especially a great one. I know this from experience having worked in the industry. 
So at this point I won't put all the blame on YouTube, except that users should get a heads up from YouTube before the embarrassment of downloading a vid and posting to share the artist's talent with others. YouTube should however begin to rethink their name.
I'll leave my friends with this; I like to come up with silly nicknames for people, places, and things. I joke w/ "PATENT PENDING", but guess what? If you wanna use "Corpse" instead of the actual abbreviation for corporations, and "Historty" instead of History. It's YOURS FREE OF CHARGE!

Lovely Weirdo,

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