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Friday, July 23, 2010

Vaseline Lens?

My painting pics I posted all look fuzzy, and less detailed, less vibrant. Some of them are elongated and/or cropped. Oh, well. The only people who comment are strange good looking men who say things like "comment" literally, I'm not kidding. Weird huh? Other than that there's the silent Derek and the (God I wish She was silent), Chelsea.
Right now I have an ever growing collection of Marble Glass that began to inspire me to paint, but the man held me back.
The Glass has a name, but I can't spell it. Culate, Colate? I don't know. It is the glass that is melted in a huge vat at old and some closed, marble factories around this area. They add pigments, minerals, even Uranium, to make the marbles' color's. When something goes wrong, the cooled pieces are chucked aside. Sometimes they're very rare pieces, sometimes large. Every detail has a name. Then there are the different shapes of the imperfect finished marbles, or even some that I have that are just fine. Some are called gems, depending on their shape, color, size, everything...has a different, name, value, etc. But I won't sell them. Some are from Jabo,  who only makes clears now. Then I have Fenton. Popular around here and highly collectible..mostly though they just make country style stuff. But I have these beautiful little opalescent turtles and butterflies, also some rounds and gems (flats).
People go on "runs" some quite scary and illegal as well as in hazardous areas. People also go to auctions. My friend Rick was supposed to drop off a bunch of great stuff he said He wanted to give me, because He had gone on a few marble runs and auctions. He doesn't keep the one's with fissures, or any major cracks, imperfections. Those are my favourite kind. I left him a message tonight because it always makes me feel better. Like a Raven that sees something shiny. Or maybe their just part of my art/female evolved instinct to be drawn to things that are shiny, colorful, and made of rare glass. Like diamonds.
Christ, I just realized that Blogger does have spellcheck..for  awhile there I expected it , but didn't see it until now. Good thing I'm not a complete moron.
Well anyway, you would think out of the millions of people on the internet, that I would know more and they would take notice of me, but I am as lonely as a small star that astronomer's already considered burned out long ago.
I don't think the communication era has brought the world together, but has made people less sensitive, and less physically, verbally as in "in person situations" socially adapted. Even at my son's Summer school, no one talks to each other, they just play with their phones. If it all shut down, there would be mass hysteria. These days, everyone has Social Anxiety Disorder and have lost their manners as well. You can say things to people on the internet you wouldn't dare to say to them in person. I should say wouldn't have, because children, especially, have become desensitized to other's emotions and seem to feed off their anger and/or pain. We should be scared, they'll run our world in the next decades. Will anyone have a life outside the confines of their technology? Will anyone remember how to respect and care for other's? Something that struck me was a news report where someone said "The future looks lazy." I guess in the future, when I'm 60, I won't mind a robot doing everything for me, as long as it's good in bed and can carry on a real conversation. Here's what's funny, the Blogger spellcheck doesn't recognize the word "internet".

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