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Sunday, November 14, 2010

WARNING: The Following Is Abrasive And May Scratch Surfaces

Tweet's To Kill Yourself By Laughter To
half and half and half = A type of coffee so diluted by sugar, cream or milk that it no longer tastes like coffee.

tanorexia = A disease like anorexia, no matter how tan a person is they never think they are tan enough. AKA an Oompa Loompa

nomonym = When you eat something and it tastes exactly like something else.

Dweet = tweeting while intoxicated. Otherwise know as drunken tweeting.

Vatican Roulette = Another name for the rhythm method of birth control.

Social Terrorism = When someone you know comes to visit unexpectedly and inconveniently, often staying for a long time.

Masturdating = Going out for an evening by yourself. IE: dinner at a restaurant, a movie, mini-golf, etc.

Alltheist = A person who tries to claim ties to every religion out of fear of picking the "wrong" one.

It'll make a terd = A phrase used when a meal or dinner you just had was less than desirable.

food baby = When you eat so much at one sitting you look pregnant.

heteroflexible = Being straight by nature but going gay when it seems like the best option at the time.

What the actual fuck? = Expression of surprise or confusion used when what the fuck is insufficient to convey the magnitude of the situation

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  1. You made a whole post out of my tweets from last night. I feel special. Your blog looks great. You should stop by and see mine sometime if you haven't already. http://darnack71.blogspot.com/