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blonde, blue eyed, do you want my likes and dislikes? Just Kidding. I'll fill this out at some time when I know exactly how to describe myself..which might be by someone else, post-mortum, only because I don't think I could sum myself up entirely, because people in general change everyday and can never make up their minds and if they are adamant about something? Well then they're not open to new ideas, research,and realizations. Everyday something happens that makes us different the next day than what we were the day before. That's life.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I spoke so passionately to my three year old of the ocean. How we would build sand castles and splash our feet in the frothy water as the waves washed upon the shore. How beautiful it was, all the different shades of blues, greens, and sparkles like stars in it, upon it. I promised Him we were going. A monster is keeping us here. Now the ocean looks as though it were made of amber resin. I almost imagine a mosquito with the bloody DNA of a dinosaur caught somewhere in that wave. A wretched reminder that even the dream has gotten further away and quite more damaged. I will not break this promise to my son no matter how long I have to fight that monster! There's a whole world out there for my children to see and they are going to. I will take them from Shel Silverstein to Shakespeare. They are incredibly smart and artistic and creative, intuitive too. They can do anything and everything if only we could be free of Him and His terrorism.

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